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10th-Jan-2015 03:12 pm - Fun landcomm!
H/C motorcycle smile
Come join tv_universe! Phase Seven has started and the fun is non-stop. Whether you love making graphics, writing or playing games, this comm is for you. Tell them hughville of Team Bunny Ears sent you. It’s all TV all the time!
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4th-Dec-2014 11:29 am - Fanfic collection
Flag by Shephard Fairey
cuddyclothes made a collection of really good House fanfic. (Yes, there is a lot of Huddy fic but you can skip right over it. There's some really good fics in the collections.)

Collection One.

Collection Two. This one contains And Now A Word From House's Leg which is absolutely hilarious.
8th-Sep-2014 01:31 pm - Landcomm
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This is a really great landcomm where all TV fandoms are welcome. Tell them hughville sent you! I'm on Team Bunny Ears.

tv_universe tv_universe tv_universe
Team Cameron FTW!

Title: What If (Chapter Four) - Damage is Done with Secrets and Lies
Author: amypinkpoison
Rating: No big for this chapter. Just a little Teeny warning. First base and a half.
Pairing: House/Cameron, Cameron/OC

Chapter FourCollapse )

Team Cameron FTW!

Title: What If (Chapter Two)
Author: amypinkpoison
Rating: No warnings for this chapter.
Pairing: House/Cameron, Cameron/OC

Chapter TwoCollapse )

Team Cameron FTW!

Hey guys!
I've been away for a little while...okay, four years. No excuse other than I stopped watching House when House/Cuddy went canon (it broke my Hameron heart!) and only recently went back and started watching from the very beginning when my other half got hooked :)

It's based around the idea of: what if Cameron's husband hadn't died and she'd still been married working under House?
The rating is pretty much Teen to R for themes, situations etc.

Hope you enjoy it, and please R&R :) I've just posted the update (chapter 11) to FF.net but thought it'd be best if I posted from the beginning on here seeing as I've been gone so long!


Clickety ClickCollapse )

17th-Aug-2012 09:36 am - Destiny in Deutschland: Chapter Three
jen/hugh miss
Title: Destiny In Deutschland
Author: cassandra_elise
Rating: PG-13/Teen for language and situations
Genre: Romance/Drama with Smatterings of Angst and Humor
Spoilers: Takes place following the Series Finale. Do not read unless you've seen "Everybody Dies," or don't care if you're spoiled.
Summary: When Cameron's brother gets a job in Germany, she thinks moving with him and his family will be the perfect distraction from House's death. Little does she realize she is about to come face to face with her destiny thousands of miles away from home...

One Step Closer: Cameron's POV

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